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Line Endings

Why does my code fail to compile in the DevMode under Windows?

The problem may be caused by differences of line endings between different operating systems. For example, the code is compiled for Linux with line endings of \n, and you checkout, edit or reformat the code under Windows may convert line endings to \r\n. The conversion of line endings will lead to failures on some build tools (like Gradle). Therefore, before entering the DevMode, you should configure the local development environment as needed.

  • git: In default, line ending conversions are enabled. It means that git checkout will convert \n to \r\n and git commit will convert \r\n to \n. Please refer to Git Docs if you have to configure it.
  • Visual Studio Code: In default, line ending is \r\n under Windows. Configure it globally by entering File -> Preferences -> Settings -> Text Editor -> Files -> Eol, or click the CRLF or LF on the right of the status bar when converting for a single file.
  • IntelliJ IDEA: In default, line ending is \r\n under Windows. Configure it by entering File -> Settings -> Editor -> Code Style -> Line seperator.