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Dependency Label Selector

How does Nocalhost resolve Pods/Jobs starting orders of services in details?

Dependencies' declarations in Nocalhost config.yaml decide the startup sequence of services in application.

Nocalhost arranges Pods/Jobs containing labels defined in dependPodsLabelSelector and dependJobsLabelSelector options to start ahead of service itself. That means service would not start unitl only all dependent Pods being ready and all dependent Jobs done.

For example, we configure service foo as below:

  - name: foo
      - "app=mysql,region=shenzhen"
      - "app=redis"

While Nocalhost is going to start Pods within service foo, it will select Pods with labels of app=mysql and region=shenzhen or app=redis. Nocalhost starts the selected pods first. Once all selected Pods being ready, Nocalhost starts service foo.