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What is User

When you use Nocalhost-Server and Nocalhost-Plug-In, User is used to identify your identity and access control to resources. This User belongs to the independent concept of Nocalhost, it's different with kubernetes's user.

There are two types of User in Nocalhost:

  • One is User, User can only log in IDE Plugin, users can develop under their own DevSpace. these DevSpace are all created by Administrator.

  • The other is Administrator, such as the initial, Administrator has the permission to access Nocalhost-Web, and Administrator has all the permissions in Nocalhost-Web, such as create and manage Application, Cluster, User, DevSpace, etc.

Similarly, Administrator also have all the permissions of User, such as logging in at IDE Plugin, develop in their own DevSpace list.

User's permissions

User can only see their own DevSpace, and have all the permissions under these DevSpace, such as install, unInstall deployed, uninstalled, developed, debugged, etc of corresponding Application under DevSpace.

In fact, we will also create a kubeconfig of the namespace corresponding to each DevSpace for this User to access all resources under namespace.

For example, this User sign in IDE Plugin currently, and he can see two DevSpace created by Administrator in Nocalhost-Web named 'bookinfo' and 'test':

However, User cannot enter Nocalhost-Web, nor can they delete the DevSpace itself, or disassociate from his DevSpace, which is very similar to the admin permission under the namespace of k8s.