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What is DevSpace

DevSpace is a concept of Nocalhost, which represents a pre-allocated cloud development space managed by Nocalhost. Developers can install, uninstall, develop, and debug applications in DevSpace at any time. DevSpaces are isolated.

In future, Nocalhost will also allow developers to share their DevSpaces with other developers for development collaboration. Because of the isolation of DevSpace, it can also be used as a test environment.

Currently, Nocalhost supports cloud native application development based on Kubernetes. Under the Kubernetes system, DevSpace consists of a Kubernetes Namespace and a ServiceAccount corresponding to the Namespace.

In addition, currently DevSpace is only associated with one application and one developer. When creating a DevSpace, you must specify the cluster where the DevSpace is located, the developer to which it belongs, and the associated application.

How managers manage DevSpace

Nocalhost provides a web console for administrators to create and delete DevSpaces.

How developers use DevSpace

Developers do not need to log in to the Nocalhost Web. After logging in directly in the IDE plug-in, user can get their DevSpace list, which can be easily deployed, uninstalled, developed, and debugged in the plug-in.