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What is Cluster

Cluster is a concept of Nocalhost. It usually corresponds to a k8s cluster. It needs to maintain a kubeConfig with the cluster's Cluster-Admin role.

Nocalhost supports managing multiple Clusters. These clusters can be GKE, minikube, microK8s, etc.

What does Cluster do

Cluster manages the resources of running applications in the development environment.

Cluster is generally used in conjunction with DevSpace, we need to configure Cluster in Nocalhost-Web. Users do not need to directly touch the concept of Cluster while developing, and users' operations under DevSpace actually rely on the capabilities of Cluster.

How to manage Cluster

First enter Nocalhost-Web, switch to the tag named Clusters, here will show all Cluster list.

Click CREATE in the upper right corner to create a Cluster. Note that to confirm whether this kubeconfig has the Cluster-Admin role, and you can use the following command to confirm:

> kubectl auth can-i'*''*'