Goodbye, localhost!

Nocalhost is a cloud native development environment based on Kubernetes.

What is Nocalhost?

It's a

BridgeBetween Cloud And IDE

Smoothly, code changes can be transfered from IDE to cloud without commit, push or pull.

It's a

SpaceTo Share Dev Environment

Developers can share the same development environment and conduct joint debugging.

It's an

ExtensionOf Kubernetes

Amazing enhancement of Kubernetes and Helm, developers code on Kubernetes with on friction.

It's a

SpotlightTo Explore MicroService

By using Nocalhost, developers can focus on a certain service in the microservices, switch to development mode and debug easily.

Nocalhost is a new way of Cloud Development

Localhost Dev Mode

Everyone codes in an isolated way.

  • Hard to develop large applications with limited local resources
  • Difficult to setup and maintain the development environment
  • Difficult to debug jointly
  • Gap bewteen development environment and production envrionment
Nocalhost Dev Mode

With Nocalhost DevMode, all services can run on the Cloud. DevMode supports connecting local IDE and containers.

  • Easy to handle large application development with flexible cloud resources
  • Environment provisioning on demand
  • Easy to share the same development environment and conduct joint debugging
  • Close to production environment

Why Nocalhost?

Explore the difference between development locally and development on cloud.

Dev on cloud with